Research is in our DNA

Each Giellepi product is the direct result of numerous laboratory tests and constant clinical research carried out in collaboration with prestigious universities, doctors, scientists and hospital facilities, both locally and internationally.


About Us

Giellepi is one of the leading Italian companies in developing food supplements and medical devices in numerous medical fields, specifically the gynecological, gastrointestinal, cardio/metabolic, and cognitive fields, in microcirculation functions, and in the functions of the muscular and skeletal system.

We deal specifically with the development and distribution of raw ingredients for food supplements and substance-based medical devices, and foods for special medical purposes. Our partners are pharmaceutical companies in the nutraceutical world.

Our company has an Ingredients Division and a Health Science Division. The Ingredients Division is specialized in creating Giellepi branded ingredients and in distributing important international partners’ ingredients. The Health Science Division is specialized in developing “ready to market” products available for out-licensing for commercial companies: substance-based medical devices, food supplements, foods for special medical purposes, and cosmetics.

Innovation, Research, Development, and study of active substances and unique formulations are the key elements that make Giellepi stand out in the health products market.


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