New published data on Respecta® Balance Gel on its prebiotic effect

30 March 2021

Giellepi SpA is excited to announce that results from the in-vitro study on Respecta® Balance Gel made in collaboration with the Division of Biomedical Sciences of Marian University, Indianapolis, USA, are finally published.

Specifically studied for rebalancing the physiological pH and vaginal microbiota, Respecta® Balance Gel (medical device class IIa) represents an effective adjuvant in the treatment of vaginitis and vaginosis.

Our findings suggest that Respecta® Balance Gel:

  1. promotes the growth of vaginal beneficial microorganisms (Lactobacilli)
  2. counteracts the proliferation of pathogenic species such as Candida spp;
  3. works synergistically with the probiotic strains used in Respecta® oral capsules formulation.

The graphic below shows the ability of Respecta® Balance Gel to selectively stimulate the growth of key species of lactobacilli such as L. acidophilus LMG S-29159 and L. rhamnosus ATCC SD5675. In previous studies, L. acidophilus LMG S-29159 and L. rhamnosus ATCC SD5675 in combination with Lactoferrin RCX (Respecta® oral capsules) have been shown to restore and maintain healthy vaginal flora.

For more information, you can download the full study here:

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