Giellepi “ready to market” products

The goal of the Health Science Division is to formulate food supplements and medical devices that promote consumer well-being and health. For over 20 years, a dedicated team has been working to develop food integration concepts and supportive care solutions that are complementary to traditional drug therapies using unique raw materials that are supported by pre-clinical and clinical evidence. Additionally, we help our customers translate technical and scientific concepts into a communicational language for enhancing individual products.

Developing new products

Starting with the development of unique raw materials, we study and offer finished products with high medical-scientific profiles that are ready for commercialization. These are the result of a careful development process that is divided into five phases:

  • 1. Design and formulation of products in collaboration with Key Opinion Leader in the therapeutic areas of reference

  • 2. Definition of a prototype, product specifications, galenic development and stability studies

  • 3. Scientific validation: preclinical, pharmacokinetic, mechanistic and clinical studies

  • 4. Scale-up, production and packaging at approved production facilities

  • 5. Constant marketing and scientific support during the marketing of the Product

How we work

  • We bring innovation thanks to our expertise and that of our partners.
  • We offer exclusivity through the concreteness of the contents we transfer to our Products
  • We stand out for their dynamism and professionalism, essential elements to keep up with a constantly evolving market.
  • We are reliable and crediblei, we work to develop long-term partnerships.
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