Diosmin&HesperidinTM (FS)

Featuring µsmin® Plus

Product background

Diosmin&HesperidinTM is a perfect combo to support blood vessel integrity and help to maintain healthy blood circulation.
Diosmin&HesperidinTM includes µsmin® Plus, an innovative diosmin formulation featuring dramatically enhanced absorption and bioavailability. Thanks to a proprietary technology, µsmin® Plus is delivered in granules that are dissolved easily when ingested to optimize conversion of diosmin into the bioactive aglycone form in the gastrointestinal tract.

Key ingredients

µsmin®Plus (diosmina), Esperidina from Citrus aurantium.


Phlebotonics product. Microcirculation and venous disorders (heavy legs feeling, swelling, capillary and vein fragility, poor circulation and venous tone, hemorrhoids).

Benefits and features

  • Diosmin from µsmin® Plus
  • 9x greater absorption than ordinary micronized diosmin
  • Formulated with a clinically proven combination of flavonoids
  • Better compliance vs competitor products
  • Solvent-free technology

Scientific evidences and proprietary studies

Pharmacokinetic profile of μsmin® Plus, a new micronized diosmin formulation, after oral administration in rats. (Russo et al 2015). Comparative bioavailability of two diosmin formulations after oral administration to healthy volunteers (Russo et al 2018).


Product name Diosmin&HesperidinTM
Status Dietary supplement
Key ingredients µsmin® Plus, Esperidina from Citrus aurantium
Target and indications Blood vessel integrity and blood circulation health - Hemorrhoids
Claims EFSA n. a.
Scientific evidence and studies Russo et al 2015; Russo et al 2018
Pharmaceutical form Coated tablets

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