DislactTM (MD)

Gut health enhancer

Product background

DislactTM is a medical device indicated as adjuvant treatment for inflammatory intestinal conditions (IBD, ulcerative colitis, diverticoular disease). Thanks to the synergistic action of its functional ingredients, DislactTM is able to inactivate the pathogens responsible for triggering the inflammatory response in the intestine and to support the gut microbiota. Furthermore, a patented technology (MOR, Modified Oral Release) ensures that the two components do not undergo degradation by digestive enzymes. DislactTM, dissolves slowly along the gastro-intestinal tract, conveying the functional ingredients to the target site (intestine) preserving their structure and function.

Key ingredients

Milk-derived glycoprotein, prebiotic fiber.


  • Intestinal inflammatory diseases
  • Uncomplicated diverticular disease
  • Mild to moderate dysbiosis

Benefits and features

  • Patented technology
  • Approved as adjuvant treatment for inflammatory intestinal conditions
  • Mechanical inactivation of pathogens
  • Promotes gut health
  • Excellent compliance

Scientific evidences and proprietary studies

Symptomatic Uncomplicated Diverticular Disease: DISLACTTM pilot study (on-going). Mechanistic study (Bertuccini et al 2014).

*Registered as “EnteroMor (NB 0373)”.


Product name DISLACTTM
Status Medical device class IIa
key ingredients Glycoprotein, prebiotic fiber
Target and indications Adjuvant treatment for inflammatory intestinal conditions
Claims EFSA n.a.
Scientific evidences and studies Pilot clinical study (on-going); mechanistic study
Pharmaceutical form Modified release tablets

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