ImmunoWayTM gummies (MD)

Cough and throat irritation soother in tasty gummies.

Product background

Cough is essentially a reflex that keeps the airways clear from mucus and irritants such as dust or smoke. However, in presence of too much mucus or other external irritants, cough can become persistent irritating the oropharyngeal mucosa and affecting negatively people’s quality of life.

At Giellepi, we always strive to develop products that are proven to work while offering portability and a pleasant sensory experience.

ImmunoWay™ is a substance-based medical device formulated in gummies indicated to relieve cough (dry and productive), protect the mucosa of upper airways from the attack by external irritants and to favor the mucus clearance.

With ImmunoWay™, all the benefits of typical syrup formulations are concentrated in a specially formulated gummy that can be taken anytime, anywhere. It forms a protective film on the mucosa of the upper airways which act as a barrier against external agents (cold, dust, smog, smoke) reducing irritation and preventing dry cough.

Key ingredients

Pelargonium sidoides, Malva sylvestris, Acacia honey


Cough and throat irritation relief

Benefits and features

  • Easy to take everywhere
  • Proven effective for alleviating persistent cough
  • Free from gelatin
  • Free from artificial flavors, colors and sugar
  • Great tasting

Scientific evidences and proprietary studies

Double blind, randomized placebo-controlled study to assess the efficacy and tolerability of ImmunoWay in the management of symptoms of cough. (Grasso et al, manuscript in preparation)


Product name ImmunoWayTM gummies
Status Medical Device
Key ingredients Pelargonium sidoides, Malva sylvestris, Acacia honey
Target and indication Cough and throat irritation relief
Claims EFSA No
Scientific evidence and studies Grasso et al. (manuscript in preparation)
Pharmaceutical form Gummies

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