Medical device designed to protect and repair gastroesophageal mucosa.

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Product background

RefluGTM Isorepair is a medical device with long-lasting action for the treatment of gastroesophageal reflux symptoms.

Gastroesophageal reflux is a common disorder triggered by the abnormal flow of gastric contents into the esophagus which due to its acidity and irritating components, can cause damage to the esophageal mucosa and the appearance of lesions and symptoms such as acid regurgitation, burning, retrosternal pain and irritative cough.

RefluGTM Isorepair is a medical device studied to allow rapid relief of gastro-oesophageal reflux symptoms such as heartburn and acid reflux thanks to its unique mucoadhesive, mucoprotective and soothing properties.

It is a ready to take oral solution with a pleasant cherry flavor.

Key ingredients

Bioadhesive polimers and proprietary combination of compounds with trophic and protective effect.


  • People with Non-erosive Reflux Disease (NERD)
  • People with occasional gastric reflux
  • People with occasional heartburn

Benefits and features

  • Forms rapidly a film barrier
  • Facilitates mucosa repair
  • Provides optimal lubrication of the mucosa
  • Relieves symptoms such as burning and pain
  • Proprietary clinically proven formula
  • Pairs well with PPI
  • On-the-go liquid stick pack
  • Suitable for vegetarian and vegan diets.

Scientific evidences and proprietary studies

Randomized, double-blind, parallel group, placebo controlled clinical study to evaluate the efficacy and tolerability of an oral solution for the relief of non-erosive GERD symptoms (Ribaldone et al. 2020).

Protective and regenerative effects of a novel medical device against esophageal mucosal damage using in vitro and ex vivo models (Agostinis et al. 2020).

Mechanical studies available upon request.


Marketing tools for Gastroesophageal Line

Download the brochure
Product name RefluGTM Isorepair
Status Medical device class IIa
Key ingredients Bioadhesive polymers and proprietary combination of compounds with trophic and protective effect
Target and indication Gastroesophageal reflux symptoms
Claims EFSA n. a.
Scientific evidence and study Pilot clinical study; mechanical study
Pharmaceutical form Liquid stick pack

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