Respecta® Hydra Gel* (MD)

Vaginal dryness relief.

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Product background

Respecta® Hydra Gel is a medical device with moisturizing and lubricant action recommended for the treatment and prevention of vaginal dryness.
The tropism of the vaginal mucosa depends on a delicate equilibrium that guarantees the correct hydration and lubrication of the tissue. Lack of hormones (estrogens), lifestyle habits (use of barrier methods or hormonal contraceptives), systemic pathologies (thyroid malfunction) are all situations that may alter the normal lubrication of the vaginal mucosa inducing an inflammatory state. In particular, in some stages of life, women are more prone to this risk (atrophic vaginitis in menopause or puerperium). The resulting state of dehydration and dryness is often associated with inconvenient symptoms such as pain, burning, irritation, pain in sexual relations etc., disorders that if not correctly treated, can create microlesions of the vaginal epithelium, small bleeding and favoring the onset of vaginitis. Respecta® Hydra Gel is a gel studied to moisturize and lubricate the atrophic or thinned vaginal mucosa counteracting the common annoying symptoms. In particular, the hyaluronic acid present in the medical device facilitates the healing process of micro-lesions as well as lowers the inflammatory state of tissues.

Key ingredients

Hyaluronic acid, Germinated Oryza sativa grain (VGFTM), prebiotic fiber and lactic acid.


Respecta® Hydra Gel is recommended in case of vaginal dryness due to different causes (menopause, drugs, hormonal imbalance, stress…).

Benefits and features

  • Moisturizing and lubricating action
  • Promotes healing process in case of micro-lesions
  • Does not alter vaginal pH
  • Reduces the inflammatory state of vaginal mucosa
  • With VGFTM, a proprietary ingredient with shooting and lenitive effects

Scientific evidence and proprietary studies

In vitro mechanistic study.

*Registered as “Respecta® Gel Idratante (NB 0476)”.


Marketing tools Women's Health

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Product name Respecta® Hydra Gel*
Status Medical device class IIa
Key ingredients Hyaluronic acid, Germinated Oryza sativa grain (VGF), prebiotic fiber and lactic acid
Target and indication Treatment and prevention of vaginal dryness
Claims EFSA n. a.
Scientific evidence and study Mechanistic study
Pharmaceutical form Gel (single-use tubes or tube with vaginal applicator)

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