Not a standard bromelain ingredient: all the benefits without enteric coating


Bromelain is a very popular plant-derived enzyme used by the supplement, cosmetic and food industries due to its numerous health benefits.

The strength or activity level of bromelain is usually measured in GDU (gelatin digesting units) per gram. GDU per gram is a measure of how much protein (i.e. gelatin) a gram of bromelain can digest. Unfortunately, like the majority of enzymes, bromelain is usually unstable and sensitive under stress conditions such as the presence of elevated temperature, organic solvents, and chemicals. Consequently, non-controlled manufacturing processes may result in a decrease in its biological function.

Furthermore, there is a common misconception that bromelain is destroyed by stomach acid and needs to be enterically coated to maintain its efficacy. As a result, enteric-coated tablets or capsules are commonly used to avoid a potential denaturation and instability of bromelain in the acid environment of the stomach.

Thanks to a gentle extraction and purification process, Bromeyal™ maintains its enzymatic activity level over time without enteric coating.

Active: bromelain (NLT 2400 GDU/g)

Extract Type: powder.

Recommended Dosage:
Digestive benefits: 200 mg – 2000 mg/day taken with meals
Other benefits: 200 mg – 800 mg/day between meals.

Applications: powders, tablets, capsules.

Usp and features

  • Fully bioactive without enteric coating
  • Enzymatic potency guaranteed
  • Stable and active over a wide pH and temperature range
  • Multi-step microfiltration process
  • 100% Natural/Vegan/Vegetarian

Scientific evidence/Proprietary studies

Anti-inflammatory properties of a proprietary bromelain extract (Bromeyal™) after in vitro simulate gastrointestinal digestion (Di Lorenzo et al. – manuscript submitted).

bromelain without enteric coating

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