The research center

Giellepi has a structure of over 1500 square meters that is equipped for the galenic development of new technologies, raw materials and finished products in different pharmaceutical forms. The planning and management of all pre-clinical and clinical research activities takes place internally thanks to the presence of a highly-qualified technical staff.
The laboratory is equipped with the most modern measuring and inspection instruments, as well as technologically advanced machinery for the production of semi-industrial batches. Furthermore, the research center has the necessary equipment for carrying out the stability tests required by the ICH reference guidelines for different climatic zones.

A specialized team manages the technology transfer of all prototypes from the Giellepi research center to selected, periodically-audited production centers in order to comply with the most stringent requests of our pharmaceutical clientele.

Since 2016, the facility includes Giellepi Health Science Academy, a free association that organizes workshops and study days with the aim of promoting the culture of nutrition and supplementation based on rigorous principles of nutrition science and clinical experimental evidence. In this way, it acts as a bridge between industry, medicine and academia.

laboratorio produzione integratori


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