Watch the new video – How RefluG™ stops acid reflux

20 April 2021

The new video on RefluG™ is now available, discover how to get away with gastroesophageal reflux disease!

1 minute and a half to get a clear overview of the mechanism of action of RefluG™, a specially formulated 3-in-one medical device for the relief of gastroesophageal reflux symptoms.

RefluG™ works in three different ways to effectively relieve the common symptoms of GERD:

1. Rapidly forms a physical barrier on contact with the stomach contents in the form of a neutral floating raft
2. Neutralises excess stomach acid
3. Elicits a muco-protective effect

Clinically studied (download the new brochure with clinical data), RefluG™ is an oral solution for the treatment of both typical (heartburn and regurgitation) and atypical GERD symptoms (extraesophageal symptoms such as cough, laryngitis, and chest pain).

Watch the video and discover the benefits of RefluG™!

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