At Giellepi, we have a deep legacy of scientific research and development.

As a pioneers in the supplement space, we believe that science and innovation can make a difference both for our customers and final end-users.

Our team of professionals works closely with a global scientific network built over the years to deliver ingredients supported by extensive scientific evidence.

Our collaborations

We work together with a large local and international network of universities, contract research organizations and health practitioners to develop protocols for scientific investigations according to gold-standard methodologies.

High standard of scientific evidence

Our validation process starts with characterization studies aimed to identify the bioactive compounds of our ingredients followed by the assessment of their bioavailability, bioaccesibility and metabolism. The second step includes the study of the mechanism of action and safety through the use of scientifically validated in-vitro and animal models while understanding the synergism between the numerous active components when a phytocomplex is present.

Developing ingredients with strong and attention-grabbing claims not only allows our customers’ brands to stand out from the pack but also provides a clear competitive advantage. In doing so, we routinely run well-designed pilot human trials and then confirmatory trials for substantiating the health benefits of our proprietary ingredients ensuring the population characteristics of our studies represent the desired target market in terms of demographics and health factors. In particular, considering that supplements cannot directly researched on diseased populations, we pay more and more attention on examine certain pre-disease risk factors within healthy subjects.

The last step of our validation process consists in the submission of the results of our research studies to international peer reviewed scientific journals for publication.

During sales and promotion activities our research team helps customers capture the potential of our ingredients offering remote or in-person training to their sales force and marketing department.

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