Weizy® is a facultatively anaerobic to microaerobic, Gram-positive, rod-shaped bacterium capable of endospore formation and lactic acid production that is unique in probiotic supplementation. Unlike many probiotics that lose much of their potency before use and do not survive their transit through the stomach, Weizy® remains dormant in harsh conditions until it reaches the lower gastrointestinal tract where it can germinate into its active form and then proliferate and multiply rapidly. This results in a delivery of active beneficial L-(+)-producing bacteria to the small and large intestine in efficacious quantities.

Heyndrickxia coagulans (Weizy®) is a powerful probiotic that helps to promote a healthy and balanced intestinal flora by:

– replenishing the number of desirable microorganisms that compete with pathogenic microbes;

– increasing the production of bacteriocins (substances that act as natural antibiotics);

– increasing the production of short chain fatty acids that feed the intestinal mucosa.

Thanks to its remarkable ability to withstand extreme conditions, including high temperatures and acidic environments, Weizy® can represent a natural solution for promoting a healthy gut microbiome.

Heyndrickxia coagulans

Frezee-dried powder

Available as NLT 50 billion/g
or 100 billion/g

Tablets, capsules, powders, softgels, gummies, chewing gum and food bars


Weizy®’s durable thermal-resistance comes from a spore forming bacterium with a naturally protective coating that stays dormant until it meets the perfect conditions of heat, pH, and moisture found in the large intestine.

Crafted with state-of-the-art techniques, Weizy® comes as heat-stable freeze-dried powder to guarantee viability and efficacy over time. Our well-controlled fermentation process ensures long-term stability, making it a versatile solution for a wide range of nutraceutical and food applications.

Weizy® is manufactured in a dedicated facility to avoid contamination and maintain batch-to-batch consistency.


  • Gut and digestive health
  • Women’s health

Preclinical evidence

A key property for a probiotic is its capability to survive passage through the digestive system. The survival of Weizy® in form of spores during transit through the orogastrointestinal tract (GIT) was assessed by the INFOGEST protocol developed by Brodkorb et al. (2019).
With a survival rate of 94% (meaning 94% of the initial material will reach the intestinal tract intact), Weizy® shows an unmatched resistance to the low pH of the stomach.


Weizy® survival rate measured by plate counts after GIT simulation

Effect of Weizy® on C. albicans (Ca) and C. parapsilosis (Cp) growth

Experimental findings clearly show that Weizy® inhibits Candida growth; in particular C. albicans was strongly inhibited (**p<0.01 vs control).

Weizy® was tested for its sensitivity to a panel of 8 antibiotics as recommended by EFSA (EFSA, 2012).
None of the observed Minimum Inhibitory Concentration (MIC) values for Weizy® exceeded the established breakpoints, indicating the absence of antibiotic resistance.
Moreover, in vitro evidence on Weizy® highlights the absence of cytotoxicity in different epithelial cells models.

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